Happy Earth Day and it’s the 3rd anniversary of this blog!

There is so much happening today – all week and month really – that I am not spending much time in front of the computer. But I wanted to acknowledge three years of writing about green spaces and homes in the Seattle area on my web site.

Recently I re-focused my blog to more real estate and less green lifestyle information because I thought the real estate information was getting too diluted. I solved the problem of my fascination about new gadgets, fashions, and all other things eco-friendly by launching a Facebook page called Westside Green Living with Wendy. Here I can go to town about all of that stuff that you green real estate folks may not necessarily be interested in.

And if you miss the green lifestyle information head on over to my new page since you will find a lot of information shared there, along with original video productions.

Have a wonderful day, week, month and Earth Year!

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