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Introducing NRG Benchmarking

Last March I published a blog post hereĀ about my being accepted into a federal training program for energy efficiency accounting and benchmarking. The City of Seattle is getting ready to do a big mailing out to building owners of structures 10,000 square feet or larger and 5 units or more in the multifamily category (so anything larger than a 4-plex). Most property owners don’t know they are required to report benchmarking information to the city (and elsewhere in the state interested parties can demand the information but you are not required to proactively report it). A number of individuals of qualifying backgrounds in real estate, construction, HVAC and building maintenance, were invited to this training and we became certified to use Energy Star’s Portfolio Manager.

The assumption is that many property owners would rather hire a third party expert to perform this benchmarking instead of going through the hours it will take to become familiar with the procedure and doing it themselves. In the case of rental property, every single tenant must give permission in writing to the property owner to obtain individual billing information from each account. It will take some leg work to get all those forms signed off on, and that’s where I come in. I can get all of the permissions, the data transferred, and complete the benchmarking report to the City of Seattle as required.

I have just started a separate website and blog to address this new service I provide, called NRG Benchmarking. I also am listed on the Northwest Energy Efficiency Council list of Service Providers and am an Energy Star Partner. You can email me at or call 206.686.4663 for more information.