High Point Pond 5 Year Dredging – Conclusion (VIDEO)

My “In the ‘hood…” Series:

The Built Green Community of High Point in West Seattle has an approx 2.5 acre pond, with a 1/4 mile walking trail around it. High Point totals 120 acres, which makes up 10% of the Longfellow Creek watershed downhill in Delridge. All of the runoff from homes and streets and parks goes into bioswales placed throughout the community. Plants then filtrate the water for a time before the water makes it into a permeated culvert, that then directs the water to the pond. The pond holds water here so during heavy rains there is less flooding in the valley below.

If you missed the video when the pond was first drained (labeled Part 1), you can watch it here:

Seattle’s Dog Obsession

In August I went to a photo shoot for Seattle Magazine for a dog-centric article for the October issue. The article is called Seattle’s Dog Obsession, and it has a very nice slide show of people and their dogs who answered the call for models. Sophia and I are toward the end, look for the Italian greyhound with the ostrich feather collar!

Personally I believe living with animals is a good way to have a home-based, affordablem very rewarding hobby – although not always low cost depending on the mishaps your pet gets into. I have had some very expensive visits to the 24 Hour Emergency Vet because Sophia has a nose for chocolate and she has learned how to undo zippers on backpacks. I am lucky in that Sophia also travels with me for work much of the time, whether I am out touring or consulting and working in an office somwhere.

Interest rates for 30 year fixed mortgage “lowest ever”

News today that interest rates have reached below 4.0% for the first time in history. How low can it go? Some of the over 700 comments (so far) think it can go even lower. I don’t see how it’s possible, but who knows? I have given up trying to predict what the housing market is going to do. But I am patient and here for anyone who wants help finding that steal-of-a-deal house with the help of a real estate broker!

Read Mortgage rates drop below 4 percent for first time ever (MSNBC.com)