A Green Remodel from the Ground Up: Ranch House Revival

Natural Home Magazine does some great exposés on deep green remodeling. Today’s email:

A Green Remodel from the Ground Up: Ranch House Revival

When Suzanne Jones and Rob Elia bought their 1970s Northern California ranch home, they knew a green renovation was within reach and necessary. They traded out shag carpet, poor insulation and outdated appliances for recycled-newspaper insulation, tile floors and solar panels.

They’ve included a great photo gallery that shows use of recycled materials in a creative way. They also include a list of “the good stuff”

The Good Stuff

Solar electricity and hot water

Passive solar heating; no air conditioning

50 percent fly-ash concrete in walkway, entry slab, foundation repairs

Salvaged wood used whenever possible throughout house, deck, fencing, siding

Forest Stewardship Council–certified wood used when new lumber was required

Fallen oak from property used as columns, benches, counters, railings

Rainwater catchment (from Galvalume metal roof) used for irrigation

Brick pathway made from salvaged chimney brick

Native landscaping

Most furniture purchased used

Energy Star dishwasher, refrigerator, washing machine

Kitchen cabinets made from bamboo and FSC maple with natural, nontoxic finishes

Vermont slate tiles in kitchen chosen instead of foreign slate

Granite counters from salvaged remnants

Compact fluorescent lighting where possible

Salvaged bathroom tiles and tubs

Bathroom counters made from recycled glass or aluminum

Dual-flush toilets

Double-paned, insulated windows.

Insulation in roof (HCFC-free foam), walls (wet-spray cellulose from recycled newspaper) and floors (recycled denim batts).

All demolition materials, fixtures and plumbing recycled, reused or disposed of responsibly

And that, my dear readers, is how it is done!

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