Questions about foreclosures?

Wow, the Seattle Times hosted a Q&A; session today about foreclosures and there are so many good questions and really great answers.

Here is the info from the Times and a link. Do yourself and your friends and family a favor – share this information widely, even with people who do not appear to be in financial trouble. You would be surprised at what is going on behind the scenes in today’s American households. Or maybe not…

Do you have questions about the foreclosure process, home-rescue scams and what to do if you are an owner or tenant in a house that the bank is going to auction? Experts will answer your questions live at noon on Tuesday, April 28.

Melissa Huelsman is a Seattle attorney who represents homeowners in predatory lending, mortgage servicing and foreclosure-rescue scam litigation. Linda Taylor, director of housing at the Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle and the
agency’s certified foreclosure prevention counselors.

Read the transcript.

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