One of those occasional *duh* moments

This article Using as a Single Property Website led me to a *duh* moment. It mentions using as a way to have a unique URL for every listing. I already have two blogs on, so just added a third one – all of them are free.

So my 38 acre listing in Monroe now has its own web site at

Look for the Eco-Chic Cottage on Meridian blog page soon!

North Seattle eco-chic cottage unexpectedly back on market!

I don’t know all the details but the purchase contract for this cutie-patootie in-city escape was rescinded so it is “BOMK” back on the market and available for a new buyer!

Let me know if you have any questions! There are no opens scheduled so if you don’t have an agent and want to see it in person, just give me a call.

Wendy Hughes-Jelen, 206.686.HOME (4663)
GreenWorks Realty

I love my work!

I love helping people find solutions to their housing needs.

What is right for you?
~ Are you in a good position to finally buy at these great prices?
~ Are you in a tough situation (as am I), finding yourself possibly faced with losing your home and needing to sell?
~ Would renting (staying or going) really be the better option for you?

I am not afraid to tell you the truth. Regardless of the outcome for myself. This is about YOUR life, not mine.

I am a problem solver, quite creative about it, and am motivated by reaching that satisfied state of getting one more person, family, or business to the point where they can launch to the next level for their own personal security and future growth. Even if that means hunkering down and holding steady for now.

I love the real estate process – the hunt, the chase, the deciding, the processing, of buying or selling a home – I thrive on it. Soothing the fears, sharing my calm, and in the end making people smile.

Compensation is not my primary goal, although I do need to make a living. And I do have a soon-to-be unemployed husband. We have been negotiating a loan modiciation since January (if you want to talk more about this I am willing to share our experience, send me an email).

If you are in the Seattle area and are a fan of my blog, a member of one of my meetup groups, a friend, family member, former colleague-now-a-reader, one of my FB friends, or one of my over 250 Tweeps, I need your help.

Please refer people in the buy, sell, or should I rent? categories as I have a solid network of professionals who are honest and at the top of their game to properly advise YOUR friends, family, colleagues (current or otherwise), fans, FB friends and Tweeps.

I love my work! Don’t you think it is great to work with people who enjoy what they do? Let me help you, and in the end you will help me remain in a profession I love and am really good at!

Wendy Hughes-Jelen
Real Estate Expert on the Greening Edge(TM)

What you should be reading right now

If there is ONE RSS subscription you should be signed up for if you are interested in building, design, real estate, green living, or just like neat pictures, it is the “Jetson Daily” from Jetson Green.

Jetson Green is a daily updated magazine that’s obsessed with green building and everything related to it, including sustainable architecture, good design, green prefab, clean technology in the built environment, affordable housing, and eco-friendly development. Our goal is this: to help you become as obsessed with green building as we are. This is a place where curious, open-minded, demanding, entrepreneurial, and innovative readers are welcome.

Right now I can’t think of a better source for someone like you – or me – for daily inspiration, for our country and our world. They invite contributions from readers – I am trying to think of something amazing to share with the world through the Jetson Daily.

Recently they covered some of Tony Case’s designs in Columbia City. I first met Tony 10 years ago while assisting Geoff Spelman, then ED of affordable housing nonprofit Mount Baker Housing Association. Since then one of my magical mortgage men, Steve Hochhalter was working with him for a house design for a lot he purchased in 2007 in the Bryn Mawr neighborhood of SE Seattle. I just happened to speak to Tony last week when he called for my broker at GreenWorks Realty, Ben Kaufman.

I love living in a small world!

Back from Jamaica, mon!

Not me – my broker. He went to Jamaica and then Chicago for a week and my life was completely sucked into managing his business while he was away. Two active deals and two *stuck* deals – man, don’t try to buy an REO condo without a certificate of occupancy and an HOA that has to be formed but can’t because no one wants to pony up the money. And gas fireplaces with gas service in the street but no connection between the two and no one to build it. And another twist, the current owners of the 4 units are different. One by Freddie Mac, two by Fannie Mae, and one by the original builder. I wonder how many months THAT will take to close…

ANYway, now that boss man is back in town, I will be able to focus more on providing great real estate information and more green lifestyle (and homestyle) interest pieces. I’ve a ton of email to work through and I know there’s good stuff in there!

Open TODAY, 1-4 PM ~ Eco-Chic cottage almost makes ME want to move

OPEN SUNDAY 7/12, 1-4 pm.

Please let me know if you have any questions – several showings, one offer so far. No agreement yet, tho!

Character & charm oozes from every pore of this eco-chic cottage restored using recycled/salvaged materials. Open floor plan w/ great exposed wood features & skylights; small wood stove heats the whole house. Refininishd fir flooring. New kitchen, new bathroom, all new plumbing and electrical. Large 270 sf front patio deck; attached 220 sf enclosed carport for projects/storage. Set back on wooded level lot for privacy and quiet. Square footage estimated at 800 sf, 1 bdrm addition likely not included in King County records.

Driving direcctions: From I-5 take EXIT 174 toward NE 130TH ST/ROOSEVELT WAY. Turn SLIGHT LEFT onto 5TH AVE NE. Turn LEFT onto NE 130TH ST. Turn RIGHT onto MERIDIAN AVE N. House on left about a mile down, look for the signs!