Looks like I am *that* much closer to my electric MINI Cooper

I’ve already decided that the only thing that will pry my 2003 MINI Cooper from my driving fingers is a MINI E, an all electric plug-in version of the car that has been in development in England for some time. I entertained getting a Smart fortwo a year ago when the dealer opened in Tukwila but then the transmission went out in my MINI and I couldn’t get out from under that car without paying money – so I still have it (with a new engine at 65k miles and new tranny at 77k miles – why is another story).

ANYwho, there was a blip in Seattle Times today that the City of Seattle and Nissan say they will work together to promote the development of an electric-car charging network in Seattle.

Gee, a charging network in my home city. And a dedicated outlet in my garage. Sounds like I am THAT much closer to a new and more beloved MINI.

Read Seattle, Nissan team up for electric-car charging network

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