The launch of Westside Green Living with Wendy

In the fear of overwhelming all of my Facebook friends with too much green information, I decided to start a green fan page where I can share the information for the people who want it! In one day I was able to get enough fans to obtain my personalize URL for the page.

The vision of “Westside Green Living” starts local, Westside is often a term used for West Seattle. But it also means west of I-5, west of Lake Washington, west of the Cascades, and west of the Mississiippi. I wanted to create a place that had an identity but did not limit me too much.

The information I share there will not always be related to a location. As you can see by the first post, it’s World Water Week, and I shared the new video The Story of Bottled Water. Great stuff no matter where you live.

I will be posting my own videos, tho, much like the “Eco-Minute with Wendy” videos I have published on my YouTube channel, GreenSpaces TV.

My permanent home is here, my blog Green Spaces Real Estate. But 80% of the material on my blog is not related to real estate, which is why this new page on Facebook is perfect. I can share anything I want here without worrying about an audience expecting more about real estate.

I live in a Built Green Certified home in a Built Green Certified community in West Seattle. I will be sharing more about what it means to live in a green community, what to look for in a green home, and also where to shop for local foods and how to make healthy choices not just for you but also for the products you purchase.

If there is something you would like to learn more about, let me know! I would love to answer your questions or shoot a video about it.

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