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18 homes/condominiums for sale in High Point (West Seattle)

I was doing a quick search for a friend who is considering moving up to a larger home here and there have been some price drops and a couple of new listings in the last week that I wanted to share with you.

You could be my next door neighbor – on either side. If you shared a front porch with me you would get to enjoy the smell of lemon blossoms right now. It’s heavenly!

See High Point Homes For Sale

My lovely home in High Point in West Seattle (along with a few others belonging to my neighbors!)

Sparking a culinary revolution

The latest body+soul email newsletter links to an online exclusive on the MSLO web site – an interview with Chef Alice Waters, regarding sustainable food, kids’ eating habits, and more.

They also have published a web-exclusive resource list of programs to help you become an organic farmer.

If you’re interested in visiting a successful, local organic farm – or even learning and working on one – Full Circle Farm in Carnation has some openings and also offers internships with some nice rewards. You can also buy their produce at over a dozen local area farmers markets.

Want to own your own farm in Carnation? Click here to see current listings of real estate for sale in the fast growing east King County town of Carnation.

And go play in the dirt today!