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MINI SUVs – drive and compare on May 25th in Fife

Sophia, Italian greyhoud, co-pilot and sidekick

MINI Rocks the Rivals competition driving tour arrives at Northwest MINI in Fife next Wednesday. This is your chance to test drive a MINI Countryman (4-wheel drive) and then also drive and compare it to a Nissan Juke, Volkswagen Tiguan, and Toyota Rav.

I’ll be there at 2 pm. I am still waiting for the MINI Electric – but if they GAVE me one I would take it. A chance to win a 2011 MINI Countryman just for showing up!!!

Of course there IS no comparison to a MINI, in my opinion. A Rav, seriously? hehe

Read about the KISS-inspired MINI Countryman SUVs and see one of them on Wednesday.