High Point selected as one of Top 10 Cottage Communites for 2007

I must tip my hat to Cottage Living Magazine for selecting High Point as one of its Top 10 Cottage Communities of 2007. Each year they look for neighborhoods they’d “like to call home.” Criteria for their 2007 favorites are charming cottages, a sense of community, and an eye on the future. They acknowledge “The new High Point shines as a sustainable, safe, and high-quality residential environment with a range of housing types, each built to strict green standards.”

Read High Point / Seattle, Washington
A once-sad West Seattle housing project undergoes an amazing rebirth.

I will soon be your resident High Point expert. Our townhome nears completion and we expect to close before the end of July. I can hardly wait to be a part of this fabulous community! I’ve lived within 1/2 mile of High Point for nearly ten years and feel pretty confident in saying I am an expert in this area. If you know of anyone considering new construction but wants to stay in the city limits, have them call me!

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