Announcing the publication of my first calendar!

Announcing the publication of my first calendar, only made possible by the amazing photographers in our Italian Greyhound (IG) meetup group, IGGY Ambassadors. I initiated a photo contest a year ago and challenged members to theme photos depending on the season or holiday. I turned over management of the club to a committee of volunteers about three months ago, when I launched a new dog club in my neighborhood of High Point, called The High Point K9 Club. But I retained “control” of the photo contest and my personal mission to create a beautiful calendar with a portion of the proceeds to benefit IG rescue efforts in the Northwest, for which I have to thank for assisting me with finding and adopting Sophia (pictured here and on the cover of the calendar).

You can see a preview of the entire calendar on my web site which opens it in PDF format. It is best viewed at 40% so you can see the entire page of each month.

You can purchase a copy of the calendar here. 16% of all sales goes directly to help pay for vet bills and other costs associated with the very active Northwest Italian greyhound rescue community.

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