GSRE Top Picks for green festival ’08

My green festival catalog is worn and tattered from six weeks of thumbing thru it trying to decide on “the perfect day” from a green real estate and lifestyle perspective. I’ve finally created the perfect two days and here it is:


Sat 11 AM Panel Discussion in Room 2: Pollution in our homes, campaigns to keep them out

Sat 1 PM Room 4: Jason McLellan – The living building: integrating technology with nature

Sat 3 PM Room 1: Stacy Malkan – The ugly side of the beauty industry

Sat 5 PM Room 1: Vicki Robin – Liberating limits: How limits to growth can free our lives

Sun 12 PM Room 2: Goldie Coughlan (of PCC Natural Markets) – Elements of ethical eating in the 21st century

Sun 1 PM Room 1: Puget Sound Energy – Energy efficiency workshop (low cost/no cost ways to save energy in your home)

Sun 2 PM Room 4: Gifford Pinchot III – Health, happiness and sustainable business (it’s not every guy who has a national forest named for his family)

Sun 3 PM Room 1: Cecile Andrews – The slow life movement: Living happier with a lighter footprint

Sun 5 PM Room 1: Mark Lakeman – The City Repair Project

Community Action Center:

Sat 4 PM: How can I be toxic free?

Sun 2 PM: Growing a local food economy

Green Home Pavilion: 40 minute workshops both days, click here for full schedule.

Note: The entire festival is green, so they have asked people to bring their own eating utensils and plates for food sampling, meals, and also your own refillable water bottle since there will be water stations but no water in plastic bottles available for purchase.

Here is my personal list of must-see booths. Keep in mind I have been researching green lifestyle things for 7 years, so there are a lot of must-see booths but I am skipping some where I already know about the product or service. Others I am hitting anyway looking for product samples! There are hundreds of booths, and it can be overwhelming if you don’t strategize a bit.

Name / Booth #
bgreen / 612/614
PCC Natural Markets / 914/918 (I bet they have samples and coupons!)
Simple Shoes / 518
1 Thing / 610
Body and Soul / 912
Chinook Book / 505
KMTT The Mountain / 610 (my favorite terrestrial radio station – I otherwise am a Sirius subscriber)
Mother Earth News / 915
Natural Health / 815
Natural Home / 913
Planet Green / 604/705
green 3 / 1303
Center for Cultural Interchange / 438
Ecohaus / 230 (formerly known as Environmental Home Center)
Northwest Ecobuilding Guild / 218
Dagoba Chocolate / Pavilion
Numi Tea / 617
Seattle Tilth / 212
Yaki Soba Noodles / F5 (this is lunch!!)
Plug In America / 100

I still have a PCC Natural Markets grocery receipt that offers 2-for-1 entry, so I am going to talk my husband into going and hanging out with me!

I hope you take this extraordinary opportunity to learn more about how a green lifestyle is obtainable and sustainable and doesn’t have to be expensive. The incredible density and variety of offerings at this festival just makes people like me drool! I can’t wait. Maybe I will see you there!

Be sure to check out the event web site to plan your perfect day!

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