My “0-70 in 4 seconds” Jaguar Alive Driving Experience (VIDEO)

OK so this is SO not an environmentally friendly vehicle. The 2013 Jaguar XK has up to 550 horsepower – and at the Alive Driving experience they want you to floor the gas and hear the engine roar.

This is the track and in-cockpit camera footage of my pedal-to-the-metal Jaguar Alive drive from Sunday. You can hear the instructor and I talking also but it’s not very audible. I think he asked me if I was impressed, but it is hard to be impressed after having done the same thing in an all electric Tesla Roadster (2011). We’re car people (my husband and I). It’s not like I’ve never floored the gas before. I wish they had video of the auto cross track drive, now that was some impressive driving. Hubby beat me by only 2 seconds.

If you care about the environment, do NOT buy one of these cars. But if you’re into horsepower or impressing people around you, do. It seems to be a solid car. It has massage built into the seats for goodness sake! It’s not a cheap vehicle by any stretch of the imagination, starting at $84,500.

But it was fun to go race one around in a safe environment.

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