The long – or short – of real estate marketing. What’s your favorite? (ORIGINAL VIDEO)

Video is not something new for me. I added video it to my marketing efforts in 2010. I used to do narrated walk-through tours and they were sort of long. I think a professional video can really showcase a property and bring buyers in the door.

So this style of video IS new for me. Still shots set to music. It definitely comes across as more professional, but it is not the same as a narrated tour. Sometimes people want a lot of detail. Sometimes they don’t. I aim to reach the most people in any audience, so I can promote a property with either type of video.

In a May 22 post I shared a long video version for NWMLS #349459, a townhome in West Seattle I am currently marketing. The original video was 4:22. It gives it all away. Now with this new video version at 1:07 it only gives a peek, and little information, at the same property. The thought is that this type of video might bring more buyers to see the property in person, rather than allowing them to rule the property out before ever having the chance to see it and perhaps be impressed with it in real life.

With feedback from several sources, I hand-crafted a shorter listing video with more mellow music. Altho I still love the other version with Moby! Do you have a favorite? Do you want details up front? Do you have the patience for a long video like the May 22 video? Or do you like the intrigue offered by this new, shorter video length (and very different music)?
I would love to hear your feedback.
And please watch my new video!

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