Seattle City Light offers more incentives to commercial building owners to become more energy efficient

Special Offer
Seattle City Light is offering additional incentives above our standard funding for retrofits and new equipment that save electricity.

Medium & Large Commercial: up to an additional 15% incentive on most measures for new commercial projects.

Small Commercial: additional incentives now rebate 80% of the average installed cost for most lighting retrofit fixtures. 

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Increased incentives are anticipated to last through 2011, as budget allows. We encourage you to submit your projects early to ensure ample time for project review and processing.  Please note the following program information and guidelines:  Medium & Large Commercial:

  • Download an updated list of Medium/Large Commercial incentives here    
  • 70% funding cap; excludes projects with a pay-back of 6 months or less
  • Contact your Energy Management Analyst or SCL Energy Advisors at (206) 684-3800

 Small Commercial:  

  • Download an updated list of Small Commercial incentives here  
  • Incentives are provided to encourage small commercial business owners to invest in changing out their old T-12 lighting fixtures to T-8 lamps and efficient ballasts
  • Contact Eugenia Morita for rebate information, or contact SCL Energy Advisors at (206) 684-3800 


Help commercial customers take advantage of increased Seattle City Light energy-saving incentives to improve their bottom line this year. Upgrading now will reduce overall operating costs, lower electricity bills and improve customer and employee satisfaction.  And new increased incentives mean shorter pay-back times.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your Energy Management Analyst or call SCL Energy Advisors at (206) 684-3800.

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