Smart Technology in the Intelligent Home

From one of my favorite magazines, via today’s Realty Times:

In 2009, WIRED magazine again served as the technology and automation advisor for the Smart Home, helping to identify and secure new “smart” systems and fun gadgets with a focus on energy efficiency, homeowner awareness and great design. The result is a Smart Home that is responsible, responsive, and cutting-edge—and makes life easy.

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This interesting dance “the limbo”, real estate style

Do you like to shimmy?

Just how low can you go?

A 2nd price reduction on my listing in Upper Rainier Beach hit the NWMLS today. This property owner is TIRED of the limbo and just wants to sell this property. Fortunately in the last two weeks I’ve seen online activity pickup in the under $300s range, I am betting the under $250 area is *real* exciting! Prove me right…

Please keep it in mind as a great option for first time buyers (who have tons of money available for downpayment assistance right now – more on that soon) or investors looking to hold a nice little rental property.

What are you doing for Earth Day 2009?

Let’s start a conversation ~
What are you doing for Earth Day 2009, on April 22nd this year.
Is it personal, professional, volunteer work, or _________???.

Are you willing to share that with the world? Does verbalizing your intentions make it more real for you? We (all of the readers) would love to hear what you are doing to commemorate Earth Day.

Please post a Comment below, or perhaps make suggestions for things we can individually do or even help you with for Earth Day.

If you’ve not decided what to do for Earth Day this year, now I’ve planted that seed for you. Why don’t you report back later – but sometime before April 22nd – about how you are going to honor Earth Day this year?

If you need ideas, visit the EarthDay Network web site. Or visit the U.S. Government’s Earth Day site, to “celebrate and accelerate”.

Top 10 Best Green Jobs for the next decade

I have to thank all my tweeps on Twitter for keeping me more up-to-date with the things that are most important to me in my life. Talk about custom-tailoring my news!! This came across from @MyGreensFinds.

Massive investments in clean energy promise to keep farmers, urban planners, and green-tech entrepreneurs in business for the next decade. This guide to sustainability focused career paths will help solar-charge your work life.

Read Top 10 Best Green Jobs for the next decade by Anya Kamenetz at