Light bulb may be on its way out

I don’t want to contribute to global warming any more than you do, but have you ever kicked around a couple of CFLs for 6 months while waiting for a trip to the transfer station? CFLs can not be disposed in the regular trash because they contain mercury. So they last for years, but when they finally do burn out, getting rid of them is a pain.

LEDs may be an option! I want to hear more about this and will be paying attention as this technology progresses. Read Light bulb may be on its way out

Home In On It

From the Master Builders Association web site:

New Comcast ON DEMAND builder show

After working closely with the Master Builders Association, Comcast Cable will be premiering a new channel in their ON DEMAND line up. Northwest Living is an ON DEMAND network dedicated to local builders, contractors, professional services and home and garden-related retailers.

A special feature on this channel is a program called “Home In On It.” This segment will offer tips and information useful to Seattle area homeowners while providing our members with a chance to showcase their services. Other associations have had great success with similar programs in several markets across the nation.

The Master Builders Association has committed its support by becoming the presenting sponsor for “Home In On It,” an original, locally produced program. A launch lunch for the first program is being held at the MBA, Tuesday, May 29 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Seating is limited so R.S.V.P. to the Events department at or (425) 451-7920.

Safe, local food: it’s yours, at a price

Good article in the Seattle Times today about local and sustainably grown food. I shop at the West Seattle farmers market every Sunday as long as I am in town. I am happy to have Sea Breeze Farm at the market this year! They just started their booth in January, during the “off-season”, when only the hard-core farmer holdouts keep coming (like our good friend Wade at Rockridge Orchard and Cidery).

One place we have never cut corners on is our food. A lot easier to do for us than others since we are a child-free household and don’t have other hungry mouths to feed other than our own!

Social engineering? Or a great idea?

There’s a fabulous article in the Seattle Times today, discussing the redevelopment of Holly Park into NewHolly (in southeast Seattle). This is what is happening now at High Point in West Seattle – where my husband and I are moving to in August (we are waiting for our building to be completed).

NewHolly is a few years ahead of High Point. It is good to have a model and other people to talk to about how to overcome barriers between neighbors.

Read A new neighborhood built to tear down old barriers