Big blog payday – finally

I have to thank the hummingbirds – last year we posted hummingbirds in the snow and ice photos and blog posts and because of it I was contacted by a couple on the Oregon coast who needed help selling their home – that was on the hummingbird migratory route from Mexico to the Northwest. I am not licensed to sell real estate in Oregon (only Washington), but I put together a team of professional agents Joanna Flippin and Joni Biron with regional leader Emerald Coast Realty. And these ladies got the job done. The sale of the home closed last week and I received a paycheck for 33 months of blogging by way of a referral fee.

I intend my blog as a resource and educational tool but I do want people to know I am in the real estate business and am looking for new clients. I am a cutting-edge marketing agent in addition to an experienced professional who looks out for my clients interests by watching for weird little things that might pop up and cause a snag.

Special thanks to Jorrie and Ken, Joanna and Jori ( my ‘J’ team), and of course the hummingbirds, for making this post possible.

And here is a new entry in the hummingbird category – now that I am vlogging you can expect to see hummers in flight – I will set up the video camera outside on a tripod and just leave it running and put together some interesting footage!


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