An Evening on the Water with Friends

Here is today’s post from my husband Stephen’s blog – since he already wrote it up I just asked if I could steal it and he said sure! I will add the Stephen Hochhalter has been my personal and referred mortgage lender since 2006 and it was fun to spend time with his wife Tina and their two kids, who had never been on a boat like this before. Thank you Laurie for a grand evening! (Steve helped decorate the boat for the holidays which is how we earned a trip out to follow the Christmas Ships).

Added 12/21/09: Video on YouTube

An Evening on the Water with Friends

Last night Wendy and I were fortunate enough to be able to take a tour of Lake Washington on The Way Home, a 42 foot cabin cruiser that belongs to Laurie Way. Wendy met Laurie at RE Bar Camp earlier this year, and after the Bar Camp Laurie took us for a short cruise around Lake Union. I offered to help decorate her ship for the holidays, and that’s how we ended up there last night.

We brought along the Hochalter family, and Misha St. Lorant, and were also joined by a couple that had just purchased a home here in Seattle through Laurie, as well as Laurie’s friend & First Mate Cary.

It was a fun cruise, the weather ended up perfect. Not too cold, and clear. Not windy. We headed through the Mountlake Cut along with a couple of other decorated boats, and then headed south to Leschi under the SR-520 bridge. There we met up with a larger group of Christmas Ships as well as the main Argosy Cruises Christmas Ship that has the carolers on board. Last night’s group was The Dickens Carolers.

I took some pictures, but with the boat moving and everything, my old camera just couldn’t really keep up… they are all a “little” blurry… If you’d like to see them, follow the link below…

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