Live Earth: The Concerts for a Climate in Crisis

Wow, this is too cool. A whole web site and series of 7 global music concerts in support of greening the Earth and reducing global warming. It’s an MSN channel that “melds music and movement”. Live Earth, as MSN editorial director Mark Pawlosky points out in his inaugural column, “is a user-friendly, green-tinged site wrapped around one of the most ambitious music events of all time”.

The date to remember? 07/07/07
In fact, you can even click on a link to automatically add the appointment to your Outlook Calendar – or your MSN Calendar, Google Calendar, Yahoo Calendar, Apple iCal – or get “Windows Live” alerts.

I signed up for the newsletter.

Luckily it’s a Saturday or else I would have to take the day off work to watch!

Put it on your calendar! Visit Live Earth and the Alliance for Climate Pretection, the beneficiary of this fundraising effort.

There is even a section on the web site called Green – that gives you tons of tips on how to live green, reduce your footprint, and your contribution to the global warming problem.

Where does Seattle fit into all this?

Seattle is listed as one of the 10 greenest cities in the United States according to the Live Earth web site.

Read how Seattle’s current Mayor Greg Nickels has led us in meeting the emissions reduction targets of the Kyoto Protocol, and challenged every mayor in the U.S. to do the same.

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