Sustainable West Seattle

Last night I attended the inaugaural meeting of a newly formed group, Sustainable West Seattle. Nearly 40 people were in attendance and we nearly overflowed the meeting room at the High Point Library on 35th and Raymond. We were visited by one of the founding members of Sustainable Ballard, who was able to share some of her experiences and give some advice about trying to start a group like this.

Hot topics discussed included
· Eating Locally
· Energy Efficiency
· Local Transportation Solutions
· Green Building
· Green Space Protection and Advocacy
· Sustainable Landscaping and Gardening
· Water Conservation

But the number one topic discussed was Transportation – using public transportation to, from, in, and around West Seattle can be very challenging and takes a lot of time due to Metro’s inefficiency. There are a lot of people interested in working on and improving transportation!

One of my personal interests is local food, as evidenced by my three years serving as Secretary on the Board of P-Patch Trust. My term ends on Wednesday, freeing me for other projects or organizations. My plan was to focus on more animal-related efforts, but with our move to High Point this summer and the new direction of my real estate business (I will be a Built Green “special agent” soon!), I expect to be busy with HOAs (for my local condo community and also the Master Community of High Point) – and now Sustainable West Seattle.

Sustainable West Seattle is just getting off the ground and trying to figure out what members’ interests are and what skills and experience volunteers can bring to the organization. The group plans to meet on the 3rd Monday of every month – and smaller groups of volunteers may meet more often if working on a project. The location may move around, so be sure to check the web site for the most current information!

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