Dog + yoga = Doga

New session begins June 3rd!

I spent Sunday afternoons in March participating in a new “yoga with your dog” class at the Seattle King County Humane Society facility on SE Eastgate Way in Bellevue. The instructor, Brenda Bryan, teaches a “Gentle Yoga” class at 8 Limbs Yoga in The Junction of West Seattle – and has recently added a new dog yoga class at the Capitol Hill location of Downtown Dog Lounge.

I’ve been bugging her for a West Seattle location since the first day of class. I’d spent months looking for a dog yoga class because of a show shown on Animal Planet in 2005/06, called “K9 Karma“. I was a recent dog adopter and watched lots of dog shows to learn more about them (dogs, not shows). Host Kari Harendorf, who is a dog trainer and also owns a yoga studio in New York City, began and ended each show in the yoga studio with her students and their dogs, but she and her shepherd mix, Charlie (aka Peanut) would go on adventures all across NYC. It was a great way to be a tourist in New York, told from the dog’s perspective. I longed for a yoga class here – and kept googling “dog yoga” for over a year until finally something turned up. I was lucky to find the Humane Society class flyer online about a week before class started, althought I was too late for the initial orientation.

I encourage yoga practitioners of all levels (and no experience is required at all, really) to try Yoga With Your Dog! I found it a fun class, and very relaxing for my Italian greyhound, Sophia. Unfortunately for me, my dog weighs only 16 pounds and isn’t much of a “yoga prop” for me, even tho she did make a great partner. When Brenda brings a class to West Seattle, you can bet I will be there!

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View the Yoga With Your Dog flyer from Seattle King County Humane Society. A new session starts June 3rd!

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