Street of Dreams = Street of Green (and yes, you also NEED a lot of green to buy one of these beauties)

It’s just around the corner – the Street of Dreams. The street where 20- and 30-somethings go to admire the life of the rich and maybe famous…to dream about what they might like in their own dream home someday…to wonder aloud to each other why towel warmers are only for the rich when they are so environmentally smart (they heat the room and the towel, and can even dry socks – I know because our dinky hotel room in Florence, Italy had a towel warmer and after being caught in a snow storm we had to dry our Smartwools overnight). The over-40 crowd may be serious shoppers – but you won’t see ANY serious shoppers during regular tour hours. They will be there, touring the home privately with their buyer’s agent, at the bright and chippy hours of 8 AM (for no charge).

But I digress. I am particularly excited this year since the Street of Dreams is back in my old stompin’ grounds, located midway between Woodinville and Monroe, near Echo Lake. Yes, I grew up a country girl (my folks moved the family from Ballard when I was 7 – and I graduated from Monroe High School in 1988. Go Bearcats!) Maybe that’s why I love West Seattle so much. It feels like the country but is close enough to all the good things in the city that I missed out on growing up. YOU try being 10 miles from the nearest town with no way to go anywhere (too young to drive, and no public transportation). I spent my summers reading – until I complained about being bored. Then I hauled rocks and stacked firewood for the rest of the summer. Year after year. I never did learn to not complain.

But again I digress. It must be this blasted heat. The A/C in this office can not possibly keep up with the outdoor temps. I am really looking forward to tomorrow – after spending 2 hours in the dentist’s chair in the morning, and meeting movers at my house to get a quote on how much it is going to cost us to haul 30 boxes of books and a bunch of other stuff up the hill to our townhome in High Point – we then are meeting our home inspector at High Point to find out all that’s wrong with new construction. I hope I am not too disappointed since I know Polygon has been trying to improve their quality track record. I feel sorry for my inspector – but he’ll have a story to tell, of inspecting this brand new 3-story townhome at HP on the hottest day of the year.

Holy cow, I need to rename this post! I can’t seem to get to the Street of Dreams! The 2007 Seattle Street of Dreams is located in the brand new community of “Quinn’s Crossing” in unincorporated Snohomish county near Echo Lake – a stone’s throw from where I grew up – just off State Highway 522 midway between Woodinville and Monroe (near Echo Falls Country Club – which didn’t exist when *I* left home). Five eco-friendly show homes, ranging in size from approximately 4,200 – 4,750 square feet will be featured. The show homes will be priced up to $1.975M with each home uniquely designed and displaying the latest trends in architecture, interior design, home technology and landscaping. These homes are Built Green certified.

The show starts THIS Saturday, July 14th. You can find more show information, including ticket prices and shuttle information, here. Of course, if you are interested in purchasing one of these homes and would like a private showing (we can avoid the crowds between the hours of 8 AM and 9:30 AM daily from July 14 – August 19), please email me to let me know and we can schedule an appointment to view these five beautiful Built Green homes.

You’ll probably find me showing my parents around early one Saturday morning. If they can tear themselves away from their nearly-born first grandchild, courtesy of my sister. Go Allison! Can you say “epidural” when out of breath, screaming in pain, your eyes crossing and cursing your darling husband for doing this to you? I hope you can manage it. Good luck!

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