What it means to live in a green home

I was busy this weekend getting my new Built Green home in order for our first dinner guests – we moved in two weeks ago and managed to throw a small dinner party for my parents last night. We cruised the farmers market in the morning, the bakery, and then cooked pork tenderloins two ways (Steve smoked one in his new Big Green Egg, I roasted the other in the oven). Roasted potatoes, Romano beans stewed all day in tomatoes and garlic, 4-bean salad, and a fresh baguette from Bakery Nouveau, dipped in sweet balsamic vinegar and tasty olive oil. Also, caramel apple tarts for dessert. All of this was preceded by piles of small tomatoes, Mediterranean olives, cheeses from Port Madison Farm, and artisan crackers from Ala Francaise. And I had a mojito with my own chocolate mint muddled in it, thanks to my husband (who has fun playing weekend bartender).

The Seattle Times did a great series of articles over the weekend about what it means to live in a green home, along with several related articles that really does fill in the gaps for people who haven’t read much about it (altho I would have to ask – where do you live, under a rock? Environmentally friendly to be sure, but not necessarily smart!).

I hope you enjoy these great articies. And if you are interested in a tour of High Point by a person who actually lives there, please email me. I might even be brave enough to show you my own home – it’s 3-star Built Green, by Polygon Homes. Phase II construction is getting under way and there will be new homes to start looking at next year! (And I would love to be your High Point Built Green agent!!)

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Someday soon I will put down in words what it means to ME to live in a green home.

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