Famous movie quotes : The Ruminator, “I’ll be baaa-ack”

You’ll need a license to carry that gun…er, goat.

Kudos to Conlin – so glad I voted for this guy. The City Council has done something reasonable – and reasonably quick – about allowing homeowners inside of the city limits to keep miniature goats as pets.

Not much bigger than a lot of dogs – and a heck of a lot more useful when it comes to keeping yard maintenance to a minimum – goats are very personable and great for the hobby farmer. Goats have been making a lot of press lately, also, as part of the greening of the Northwest. Some sensitive land developers have hired ruminating goat herds to eat up the brush on a building lot prior to construction

Read in today’s Seattle PI Seattle homeowners may keep miniature goats as pets

More goat news to ruminate over
Seattle PI – Rent-a-goats gain foothold: Critters grow popular in city as cheap, chemical-free way to clear vegetation

Seattle Times – Goats enrolled to solve UW maintenance problem

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