See Spot Go Green

Great article in the Seattle Times today, See Spot Go Green. They’ve left out a couple of important local resources – always preferable to something shipped to a local store from elsewhere, using fuel and packaging.

Yes, Sophia has two Big Shrimpy beds (mentioned in the article), but she has FOUR SnuggleSax. The one pictured here was custom made to match my new home office. There is also one on the couch in the family room, one on the loveseat in the living room, and one at my office in Renton. She would be happy with just one, but it is I who does not want to haul one bag hither and yon since she absolutely has to be burrowed into it to be warm and happy. Snugglesax are made by fellow IG owner, Kari, of SeaTac. Quite a little cottage industry it is, too. (All of Sophia’s collars also come from a local fellow IG owner, Cynthia, owner of Piluzo.)

And when it comes to food, one of the best local pet food makers is Natural Pet Pantry in Burien. Although they are well known for their raw dog and cat foods, Sophia couldn’t stomache raw, but she loves the cooked dog stew they also make. In chicken, turkey, beef, or buffalo, it is made with lots of vegetables and has added bonemeal. I also add Brewer’s yeast (for more protein), a comprehensive vitamin powder, and cod liver oil to help with skin and coat condition. It would be difficult to afford this quality of food for a larger dog – I am fortunate that my Italian greyhound weighs only 16 pounds and not 160 or else I would go broke.

If you know of some great local natural pet resources missed in this article, leave a comment! We all would love to know about it.

One thought on “See Spot Go Green”

  1. Wendy, had to comment because:
    A. My name is Wendy
    B. I am the President and owner of Dr.Harvey’s and we make all natural and organic food, treats and supplements for dogs, cats and birds.
    C. I have 3 Italian Greyhounds and one named Woody,
    who looks just like Sophia. She is adorable and the SnuggleSax are great. Of course, all three of mine sleep in my bed,under the covers, while my Great Dane sleeps beside us on the floor.
    Anyway, it just seemed like finding your blog on this day was a “meant to be”. Everything was too aligned for me not to tell you that I had read your blog. I am not a person that believes in coincidence.
    I feed only our food Canine Health-The Miracle Dog Food to all of my animal companions.Many of my friends who feed raw use our Veg-to-Bowl,which works great for them. My IGs and the Dane love their food and it makes a huge difference in their health. We use no preservatives, chemicals,dyes, salt or sugar and we use only human grade ingredients, no pet grade anything. We make it ourselves in our own factory.

    So Wendy to Wendy, IG owner to IG owner and lover of all things natural to lover of all things natural, I am saying “hey” and check out our wonderful products when you have a moment.
    My IG’s would just die for Power Patties and Le Dogue bites (their favorite treats in the whole world!
    Call me I will send you some for Sophia!
    I hope you think this is as funny as I did!

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