In case you missed it…

Steve and our sign made it onto the Today show on Monday, New Year’s Eve. Our sign reads “Married 10 Yrs Today! Steve & Wendy, Seattle, WA”. I am standing on the left and behind him, so not visible. We DVR’d it while we were gone and only discovered we did make it on camera when watching it last night.

You can read about our trip and see our loads of photographs, in chronological order, as we blogged it from New York City the five days we were traveling, December 28th through January 1st.

Remember, clicking on photographs takes you to a larger image of the picture.

OBTW – FYI – we’ll be in NYC for NYE for our 10YA

The nuts were warm, the towels were hot, the glasses went “clink”, and the cars just sat

The Holiday Windows of Lord & Taylor ~ NYC

Live from New York City…It’s Saturday Night!

Ok, here’s the rule: When you feel like you are still moving when you are standing still, you are done for the day.

Happy New Year’s Eve from New York City

Now That’s a Wrap from New York City

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