The resident High Point agent reports

I gave a tour of the community to someone yesterday who has been meaning to check out this neighborhood in West Seattle for awhile and just hadn’t made the time. If you are in the same boat, maybe you should be calling me for a tour! The evenings are brighter, the weather is nicer, and there are some lovely homes here for sale. But don’t just come here to see the homes – you need to tour the COMMUNITY! And there is no one better than someone who lives there to tell you about living in High Point than a real estate agent who actually does. I began reporting on this community back in 1999, when SHA was first applying for the Hope VI grant to redevelop this community, and I dare say there are STILL some people out there rolling their eyes and not quite getting the fabulousness of HP. Not only did I get it, but I bought into it and moved here and can’t wait for more new neignbors to join me.

So here is a link to current High Point homes for sale – there are a few resales on the market now, along with some brand new construction by Lyle Homes coming online. There are a few homes and new townhomes for sale in the larger High Point neighborhood, also, that are not a part of the redevelopment area.

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