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In January I was contacted thru my Green Spaces meetup group by Jenny, a senior at Redmond High School. She was looking for a professional to serve as a “field advisor” to an idependent study project required to graduate from RHS. She will be making a presentation to her class in May.

I helped develop her question into a more challenging format, which is: “How can I create change in my behavior and influence the people around me to lead a more sustainable lifestyle? And how would I continue to grow and increase my participation in a long-term sustainable lifestyle over the next 5, 10, and 20 years?”

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about it and have come up with all of the things *I* would like to learn more about or I feel other people should know about. The list below includes items that will appear on the Green Spaces meetup calendar, along with some items I am recommending to Jenny to follow-thru on her own time (such as store tours, etc.). So check our calendar for upcoming events and Learn Along With Jenny.

Jenny has joined the Green Spaces meetup group and can be contacted thru the site if you would like to share some of your green favorite things with her.

Here is the Spring 2008 Field Curriculum I have developed for Jenny!

Saturday, March 22nd
Natural Fiber Clothing Wearable Art Studio
Last day open – owner Abby is moving back to TX for more sunshine.
Learn about natural organic fibers – and why how some of the fabrics being marketed as “green” aren’t truly green (i.e. bamboo…)
Let’s meet there at 1 pm.
There is a MapQuest link on her web site
Her daughter is Alex, was in the movie “SuperSize Me” (see next line)

Healthy Chef Alex
Recommended by her mom (owner of Natural Fiber Clothing)
Said she would be happy to talk to you about food, etc.
She is a nutritionist and does online consulting and food counseling

Redmond PCC
425-285-1400, John (Store Director), call around 6 PM, ask for PIC (Person in charge)
Walk, Talk, and Taste Tour
March 10th, 7-8:30 PM, free
Also: Eco-friendly building features at the Redmond store are detailed here
Or April 15th, 7 PM, free. Kirkland store. Contact to reserve space.

Redmond Whole Foods Market
17991 Redmond Way
425.881.2600 Michael Carr (michael.carr@wholefoodsmarket.com
Arrange a one-on-one store tour convenient to your schedule by calling or emailing Michael Carr.

mode Organic Salon
Michelle (co-owner), michelle@modehairart.com
I am trying to arrange a tour (I go to this salon)
Organic hair color products
ColoreScience mineral makeup

ecohaus (formerly Environmental Home Center)
Susanna Schultz, 206.315.1958
Trying to arrange a tour.
ALSO: Thursday, April 3 Green Living Lecture; Creating a Green Bedroom
6:30pm – 8:30pm, FREE, at ecohaus Showroom
In this lecture by Alicia Silva of Synergy Design Studio, learn about how you can create a healthier bedroom environment using earth-friendly materials. RSVP to Susanna at susannas@ecohaus.com or 206.315.1958

Good article: How to go green on a budget

Visit a L.E.E.D Certified building
The new Redmond City Hall is in the process of applying for SILVER level certification
What is LEED? Call Dan of Wright Runstad onsite at 425.556.2393 to arrange for a building tour. They also have informational handouts and information from the architects, Mulvany Architects, on display that tells you a lot about the building. Take your camera!

Built Green Certified Community and Homes
A Walking Tour of High Point – West Seattle
Sunday, April 20th Noon
RSVP on the Green Spaces Real Estate site

Green web site/blog information will come as a separate list.

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