Sale into spring

Marty Wingate has rounded up a list of all of the garden sales headed our way – 78 of them by her count. Crazy! Altho I admit I almost always make it to the Seattle Tilth sale to get my special tomato plant for the year.

Remember, these plant sales benefit sponsoring organizations and are great fundraisers. If you have a favorite charity or garden group, check this list to see if they are on here! One of my favorites – I even volunteered one year – is for the Washinton Native Plant Society. I love native plants!

Bring your own boxes, little red wagon, or other means of hauling if you plan on taking home a haul! Also bring cash – altho I know the Tilth sale can take credit/debit cards.

Check out the list of sales, complete with links to organization web sites, here.

Note: The photo above is of the “Circle Garden” at our former home which we sold last summer. This year I will be gardening entirely in pots, and I am looking forward to it! No one likes standing on their head weeding!

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