Winter Birdland on our Deck

Steve’s borrowed some great camera equipment from his dad while he is back in Mnpls, so he has been able to get some great shots of the guests we have visit our deck-bound wildlife habitat. We’ve seen my favorite black-capped chickadees, junkos, flickers (a type of bug-eating woodpecker, does not damage houses or trees), and an Anna’s hummingbird (maybe more than one). Here are some of his best shots.

We live in a Built Green townhome at High Point. I plan to certify our deck as a backyard wildlife habitat, since it provides all 4 necessary components of life: feed, water, shelter, and nesting habitat. My goal is to help the entire neigbhorhood become certified (like Tukwila has the whole town certified).

Our last home, on 1/4 acre lot, was certified by both Washington state and the National Wildlife Federation, and was a pesticide free zone as well!

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