Become a Master Composter & Soil Builder

2009 Master Composter/Soil Builder Training

Contact: Graham Golbuff
Phone: 206-633-0097

Date: Application Deadline – February 25, 2009
Where: Master Composter/Soil Builder Program
4649 Sunnyside Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103
What: Extensive training in Natural Soil Building principles
Cost: $150 deposit, refundable upon successful completion of outreach requirement

Ever feel overwhelmed the by the amount of waste you see being generated each day? Then we invite you to become a key partner in Seattle’s waste reduction and recycling efforts! As a Master Composter/Soil Builder you’ll learn the techniques of turning your food and yard wastes into compost, an amazing additive for organic gardens that keeps carbon in the ground and out of the atmosphere. You’ll learn the finer details of Puget Sound’s organic recycling programs, and discover how to assist your family, friends, neighbors and the public at large in adopting practices that conserve resources and build soil.

With over 20 years of rich history, the Master Composter/Soil Builders have become a fixture in Seattle and continually provide their expertise at local farmers markets, community gardens, and neighborhood festivals and events. The program has remained a flagship feature of Seattle Public Utilities and Seattle Tilth Association’s conservation initiatives while offering a gratifying and enjoyable experience for it’s participants. 2008 MC/SB Volunteer Alexis VandenBos said “Learning how to create healthy soil was amazing and intriguing – my own garden has grown so much better this year! I loved being with like-minded people and building a sense of community with others in the program. I enjoyed sharing what I had learned with the public; I found folks excited about building healthy soil and wanting to do more to help the land.”

The Master Composter/Soil Builder Training will take place over a 3 week period in late March and early April of 2009. Class sessions are held Wednesday evenings and Saturdays. As a program based in public outreach, we ask that Master Composter/Soil Builders complete 40 volunteer hours by April 2010. All Seattle residents are invited to take part in the MC/SB program. Call 206-633-0097 for an application or visit

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