Don’t miss this ~ Sustainable Spaces. Beautiful Places.

Purported to be the last NW Flower and Garden Show, it is going on now at the Washington State Convention and Trade Center. I got my early bird ticket last weekend and saved $4, and Saturday morning my husband is dropping me off on his way to a BMW car event so I also escape parking costs.

I love NWFGS – the smell is the best part. The theme this year also struck close to my heart, “Sustainable Spaces. Beautiful Places.” According to an article in the Seattle Times,

“There’s a focus on container gardening for condos and small spaces at this year’s show,” says spokesman Dan Branley. “And with the popularity of ‘staycations,’ there’s lots of inspiration to make your garden a relaxing getaway at home.”

Since I moved to a townhouse in summer of ’07, chosen in part for its 200 square foot deck, I now find a new reason to really be interested in those FREE seminars that are almost impossible to get into. *sigh* Remember to pack water and snacks and interesting reading material with you if you plan on attending seminars, since you do spend a lot of time sitting around waiting to get in.

Read Focus is on small at Northwest Flower and Garden Show

And enjoy the show!

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