Today at the Pacific Northwest Housing Summit in Seattle

Wow lots of statistics being thrown around today at the Pacific Northwest Housing Summit. It’s great info, good speakers, and it is fun to see so many people I know now since getting involved in the social side of my industry a year ago. I work alone most of the time and this is such a treat.

I am not blogging live intensely today since I need to be paying attention and like I said, a lot of stats. Only person on any of the panels who has seems to have drank "the market is hot" Kool-Aid is J. Lennox Scott. The panel is extensive and altho they attempt to be upbeat there also is realit and that is the recession has been tough in this business.

I have some notes that I will add later, but I better get back to this session since Frank Garay  and Brian Stevens of Think Big Work Small  is talking about VIDEO,

Here’s my favorite quote of the day:

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