“We are Solutionaries”

Kevin Danaher, cofounder of Global Exchange said it best – we are visionaries seeking a solution, or "SOLUTIONARIES. What a great word. Both he and Alisa Gravitz, cofounder of Green America (formerly known as Co-Op America), made welcoming remarks to the 2nd Green Festival in Seattle. There were more hands raised when they asked if you were a new visitor than a returning – all the evidence I need to see that the green message has spread into mainstream culture.

The Green Festival is a special event. Thousands of companies wanted to be here, but were not permitted since they do not meet the criteria of the cofounders Global Exchange and Green America. We were promised that every vendor or organization here meets the strict criteria of being a truly innovative/green company or product.

Mayor Greg Nickels then made opening remarks. As he took the podium, some guy jumped up there and held open a sign/flyer and yelling "Biofuels, Crime against humanity" and some other gibberish. He actually got to stand up there and yell a lot longer than I expected – obviously they were not expecting protesters or activists. He was moved to the back of the room and he was able to continue to disrupt the proceedings for a few minutes while Nickels tried to speak over him.

Nickels speech was almost the same as what I heard at the Built Green Conference in March 6th. He said that 935 mayors of American cities have pledged to meet the terms of the Kyoto protocol. "We are shifting from a culture of conspicuous consumption to one of careful conservation," he said. With the opening of the new light rail (supposed to be this year, but I have heard rumbles of delays", 70% of residences and 85% of regional jobs are reachable using mass transit.

Nickels also announced the City of Seattle would be participating in Earth Hour, and from 8:30 to 9:30 PM the Space Needle would be turned off and also the City Light sign on 4th Avenue South and S. Spokane Street (viewable from the viaduct). I admit, I will be catching up on my DVRd shows by candle light. I am happy to turn my lights off, but I am way behind on "Dirty Jobs" and "Bonnie Hunt shows from this last week!!

More soon!

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