Twitter note about Seattle Green Festival

I still have some posts to complete regarding GreenFest, but if you would like to see new social media technology in action, visit the Twitter feed on the Media page of

I spent a lot of time Saturday in the “Live Blogging Zone” answering questions (some people thought we were an info booth) and showing people how to “#” a message so it would show up on the live feed at the show (and the internet). I have over 20 new followers since first tweeting on Saturday morning. My tweets feed to my Facebook profile so my friends there were also able to keep up with what was going on and make comments or ask questions over the weekend.

This was the second event this month I attended on a “Media Pass”. Blogging is recognized more and more as a broad-reaching form of journalism. I call it “the people’s journalism”. It was a super weekend, I learned a lot, and met some new friends/followers!

More later as I recap the rest of my #greenfest observations!

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