How much can a garden save you?

One of my favorite email subscriptions is the Market Watch Real Estate Weekly. It’s some hard core real estate and finance info, but they also include odds and ends that I can *really* appreciate. And I think you will to!

I have several pots of lettuce and snap pea, snow pea (and lovely scented sweet pea) on my front porch, where I get the most sun. My lemon tree and lime bush also look like they are FINALLY going to have an abundant crop.

Can we garden our way out of this hole? Just a few years ago, the road to riches was clear. We could all sit on our porches drinking mint juleps while our houses appreciated 30% a year. Now, our houses are falling in value by 30% a year. Forget about them. The real money maker, it turns out, was always our backyard.

By planting a vegetable garden, we can slash our food bill while eating healthier.

Read How much can a garden save you?
By Neal Templin, The Wall Street Journal

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