Another beautiful day to learn something new

DSCN4995  This was the view from my home office this morning as I was getting ready to go down to the Seattle Center for the 2nd day, this time for an "un"conference, Real Estate Barcamp Seattle. It is my 4th barcamp, and it is through this venue that I have grown my business in the last year and also learned how to implement new marketing techniques to help property owners get their homes sold in a challenging market. It is both a duty and a pleasure to stay current with everything that effects the real estate industry, and these days it is what’s called "social media marketing". 

There are a ton of free webinars out there that have helped me pick up the diamonds strewn on the beach of life. There’s normally a pitch at the end, and sometimes I get a follow-up sales call, but the information I learn in exchange for the interruptions is well worth it.

My 10 am session is just getting started. The hosts of TBSW Daily are here from Vacaville, CA and they are pretty funny.

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