Plan It Green Launches on Earth Day

This morning I received an email from a marketer who prefaced it with “I normally do not send unsolicited press releases to blogs and I hope I do not offend you but I thought you would find this interesting.” And I responded, “And normally I ignore them, but I love this idea. Thanks for sending it. You are one of my Earth Day posts!”

This new game, “Plan It Green” sounds fun and fascinating! If I manage to get ahold of a copy I will write more about it in a future post. You can watch a short video about the new sim game. You can purchase Plan It Green on and probably many other locations. For $10 a whole lot of people are going to learn a whole lot about green!!

Merscom and National Geographic Launch Plan It Green

Environmentally Themed Building Sim Launches on Earth Day

CHAPEL HILL, NC, April 22, 2009 Merscom and National Geographic Games announced today’s release of Plan It Green, a building sim that integrates green technology in a fast paced casual game.

As the Mayor of Greenville, players have the opportunity to create a green city in Plan It Green. As mayor of your hometown, you have vowed to bring about a new green future by changing the ways of the past. You are working with close supporters to restore Greenville to its former glory and beauty. Watch as Greenville transforms before your eyes as you build eco-homes, apply green upgrades and bring new clean jobs and industry to your hometown! Plan It Green is the first game that leverages the resources of National Geographic, an organization that was green when green wasn’ t cool

The first green casual game, Plan It Green features:

~ Transform Greenville from an eyesore, into a beautiful green city!

~ First casual game that leverages the knowledge and resources of National Geographic, an organization that was green when green wasnâ t cool.

~ Hours of gameplay in both campaign and free play mode!

~ Improve 8 neighborhoods across 45 levels!

~ Upgrade your hometown with parks, eco-homes and environmental upgrades

~ Build eco-friendly houses, stores and businesses

~ Pick the latest eco-upgrades

“This is the right product for the times. Not only is it a fantastic game, but it integrates a theme we all hear hundreds of times a week” said Kirk Owen, Merscom’s CEO. “By working with National Geographic, we were able to go beyond pop green ideas and make a game that truly conveys the possibilities of the future.”

About Merscom

Merscom is a global publisher of mass market computer and video games that distributes games through multiple channels, multiple platforms and multiple revenue models. Merscom’s channels include retail distribution in the US and Europe, online sale through major portals worldwide and games on Microsoft® Xbox Live® Arcade. Merscom publishes games from leading casual game developers, including GO! Games, Reflexive Entertainment, Absolutist and Overplay. Merscom produces entertaining products for gamers of all ages and guarantees all customers a great experience. For more information visit


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