High Point Pond 5 Year Dredging – Conclusion (VIDEO)

My “In the ‘hood…” Series:

The Built Green Community of High Point in West Seattle has an approx 2.5 acre pond, with a 1/4 mile walking trail around it. High Point totals 120 acres, which makes up 10% of the Longfellow Creek watershed downhill in Delridge. All of the runoff from homes and streets and parks goes into bioswales placed throughout the community. Plants then filtrate the water for a time before the water makes it into a permeated culvert, that then directs the water to the pond. The pond holds water here so during heavy rains there is less flooding in the valley below.

If you missed the video when the pond was first drained (labeled Part 1), you can watch it here:

2 thoughts on “High Point Pond 5 Year Dredging – Conclusion (VIDEO)”

  1. I am an EcoBroker┬« in Austin, Texas and agree with you that beautiful ponds are much more attractive than an ugly concrete water retention ponds. KB Homes here has been a trendsetter in that here in the Austin, TX area. At Silverado Ranch and in their new Crystal Crossing subdivision they took the time to create beautiful ponds which are assets to the community. I am not a paid spokesperson for them in any way but I appreciate their efforts to beautify their communities with attractive water retention ponds. Most of Austin, Texas is over the Edward’s Aquifer and stormwater to be filtered that goes into our aquifers. Why create an ugly concrete box when a pond with marginal plants can act in the same way, filtering pollutants before the water goes back into Our Earth.

  2. Betty, if I didn’t already live in Seattle, I would move to Austin (especially if it wasn’t in TX!) I have heard and seen so many amazing things happening down there. You must be proud to be part of such an important movement in TX!

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